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Just as human beings need regular medical checkups and care to remain healthy and happy, your four-legged friends also require professional care to stay at optimal health throughout life. Whether it’s good hygiene and grooming, proper nutrition, regular checkups, or emergency care: here at the Hamilton Hills Animal Hospital in Noblesville, IN, we do it all. From vaccination to nutritional counseling and so much more, we strive to be Noblesville’s complete canine and feline care center.

Noblesville’s Full-Service Animal Hospital

Most people bring their pets in for professional medical care for the first time only after a medical emergency arises. While this is understandable, avoiding health emergencies for your pet through regular medical checkups is far closer to the ideal.

Whether it’s through injury or sudden illness, many pet owners find themselves frantically asking, “Is there a veterinarian near me?” When pet health emergencies arise, pet owners will rush their pets into the nearest animal hospital. The last thing we want to have to say to a frantic pet owner is, “Sorry, we don’t do that here.” That’s why we strive to be Noblesville’s complete, full-service animal hospital. We proudly serve all of your pet’s care and medical needs all in one comprehensive facility.

Full Animal Care Services When You Need Us

At Hamilton Hills Animal Hospital, Dr. Mary Hastedt and her dedicated team of animal care professionals have set up our full-service facility to provide quality veterinary care to pets from Noblesville and the surrounding communities.

Medical Care

We offer a full spectrum of pet medical services to be your trusted partner in keeping your pets healthy and happy. Our veterinarian will check for any ear, skin, eye, or oral conditions. We will make sure your furry friend doesn’t have any fractures, infections, or injuries. We can help with pet allergies too!

Pet Surgical Care

Our experienced and caring veterinarians are skilled in performing a wide range of surgical procedures to meet the needs of your pet’s injury or illness.


Providing a safe and welcome space for cats and dogs when you are away from home for extended periods is an important part of pet healthcare. They need to be sheltered and attended to while their beloved owner is away.


Just like us, dogs and cats feel better when they are clean and well-groomed. Also, what could be more adorable than a stylishly groomed, healthy, and happy family dog?

Emergency Care

Hamilton Hills Animal Hospital is your full-service animal care center for dogs and cats. Should your pet have and emergency outside of regular operating hours, then a nearby 24-hour hospital can be utilized for these unexpected care needs.

Veterinary Care in Noblesville, IN

Of course, it’s best to call ahead when your pet needs veterinary care to ensure that we are ready to attend to your pet’s needs. To learn more and schedule your best friend’s first checkup, reach out to Hamilton Hills Animal Hospital today by calling us at

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